Other provisions Applicants who are called

Other provisions :

a. Applicants who are called to participate in the selection , only applicants who meet the administrative requirements and in accordance sortlist and will be announced on October 17, 2013 via the website : rekrut.kereta - api.co.id
b . Announcement / call participants who will attend the selection process , can be accessed at the website : rekrut.kereta - api.co.id and not done correspondence .
c . In this selection process is free of charge and are encouraged to ignore those who promise to help graduation .
d . In this selection process applies knockout and the committee's decision will be final .

Application Files delivered directly

• Application Files delivered directly by the applicant to the Office of Bank BTN as follows ( according to the applicant's option ) :No. . Revenue Branch Office Branch Office Address File Application Priority Placement Regional Position Requirements Ket1 BTN Training Center Jl . KH Mas Mansyur No 86 Tanah Abang Jabodetabek CS & TS Preferred Position Teller More2 KC Bekasi Jl . Gen. Sudirman Bekasi no.19 17 1433 KC Bogor Jl . No court . 13-15 Bogor 16121

In order to meet the needs of employees

In order to meet the needs of employees as Corporate Work Plan & Budget ( CBP ) and the Company's Long-Term Plan ( RJPP ) , We of the Selection Committee Recruitment PT Brantas Abipraya ( Persero ) opens opportunities for the nation's best sons and daughters to be able to participate actively in the development Indonesia to join us , to occupy the following positions :
Management Trainee employee
requirements :• Male / Female , maximum 26 years old and unmarried .• Certified degree ( S1 ) Engineering ( GPA : 2.75 ) with the majors :- Civil- Watering- Electrical- Machines

Special Doctor is 3,004,020

1 ) Special Doctor is 3,004,020 6,200,014 Radiology Specialist III / b 12 ) Doctors General Practitioner 3,031,021 7,199,832 III / b 63 ) Dentist Dentist 3,004,002 7,199,845 III / b 44 ) Nurses Nursing + Nurses S1 3,012,004 5,190,120 III / a 6D - IIIKeperawatan 4470030 II / c 165 ) Dental Nurse D - III 3,012,002 4,411,051 Dental Nursing II / c 36 ) Nurse Anesthesia Nursing 3024003 D - III4470027 Anesthesia II / c 27 ) Midwives Midwifery 3003001 4411200 D - III II / c 138 ) Health epidemiologist S1 Epidemiology 3,031,023 5,104,849 III / a 39 ) Nutritionist IIIGizi 4411101 3009003 D - II / c 310 ) Pharmacists Pharmacists 3,002,001 7,199,829 III / b 511 ) Assistant Pharmacist Pharmacy 3,002,002 4.431 million D - III II / c 5

Have educational qualifications , skills

9 . Have educational qualifications , skills , expertise and skills required ;10 . Willing to work on Unit in the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small andR.I medium ;11 . Applicants can only apply to a single formation ;12 . Applicants with a bachelor graduates Index point average (GPA ) of at least 3.00( three point zero zero ) ;13 . Age based on date of birth is listed in the certificate on 01 December2013 minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 28 years ;14 . Certified , graduate of State Universities / Private Colleges accredited agencyNational Higher Education Accreditation ( BANPT ) of at least B or Universities OutsideCountry which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture

Cover Letters and all administrative

5 . Cover Letters and all administrative requirements made ​​in 2 ( two ) copies , and then submitted to the Office of Education and Training Kepagawaian SibolgaJl . Dr. . F.L. Tobing 44 Sibolga on any business day at 08.00wib s / d at 15.00wib excluding Saturday and Sunday6 . Participant registration of candidates / applicants began on 23 September 2013 s / d October 4, 2013

Resignation Statement , when it passed

e . Resignation Statement , when it passed the exam in the future but are not willing to be a civil servant Sibolga area or pass on Selection CPNS acceptance in other areas ( example attached )f . Proof Legitimate Work Experience at least 5 years of age on 17 April 2002 continued uninterrupted to this day as evidenced decree specified by the competent authority ( for applicants aged 35 s / d 40 yearsg . Color photographs size 3 × 4 cm by 4 ( four ) copies by writing the name behind the photograph .

Certificate of origin certificate stating the validity

9 . Certificate of origin certificate stating the validity of universities that use the basic application;10 . Outstanding athlete :- Copy of valid charter / certificate recipients Bronze Medal / Third Place in Asean or OLYMPICS GAMES / THE OLYMPIC ;- Copy of valid charter / certificate recipient of the Silver Medal / Second Place in Sports Week SEA GAMES / THE GAMES ;- Copy of valid charter / certificate recipient of the Gold Medal / Champion at the National Sports Week ( PON ) ;- A statement prepared in accordance with a sports coach sports competence required ;11 . Black and white photograph 3 x 4 cm by 10 sheets .to clause ( 1 ) to ( 10 ) respectively in 2 ( two ) .VII . OTHER PROVISIONS

Completed The Consecrated in Maluku

a) Completed The Consecrated in Maluku province while their present domicile in Jakarta , then legalization could be done by Jakarta Provincial Health Office by showing genuine Certificate Finished Assignment or SMB .b ) Doctors / Dentists PTT is currently serving in Batang regency of Jambi province , then legalized by the District Health Office Batang or Jambi Provincial Health Office .f . The entire document is prepared on the order of the letters e and stapled and put in a paper folder with the following colors :
1 ) The color green folder for office formations health , education D.IV/S1/S2 .2 ) Color red folder for office formations health , education DI / D. III .3 ) The color yellow folder to post non formations health , education D.IV/S1/S2 .4 ) Color blue folder for the post of non formations health , education D. III .

Male genital Manifold with minimum height 163 cm

a) Male genital Manifold with minimum height 163 cm , weight proportional not color blind , do not squint , not deaf , does not have the foot -shaped X or O , do not have heart disease, No tattoos , no physical and mental disabilities , not pierced , blood group type and the amount of hemoglobin ( Hb ) is in the normal range as evidenced by a certificate of good health from DoctorsGovernment Hospital .b ) Graduated from the Technical Vocational School ( STM ) with a diploma score ( overall score ) average of 7.00 .2 ) Testing PKB , qualifications required :Graduated from Technical Vocational School ( STM ) majoring in Mechanical or Automotive with a diploma score ( overall score ) average of 7.00 .3 ) Electrical Technician , required qualifications :Graduated from Technical Vocational School ( STM ) majoring in ElectronicsElectrical or Mechanical with certificate values ​​( overall score ) average of 7.00 .

Recommendation letter from the Dean of the Faculty

3.3.1 . Recommendation letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, USU3.3.2 . Copy of diploma S1 ( profession ) and diploma S2/SP1 1 ( one) legalized3.3.3 . Certificate is following Doctor of Education Program Specialist ( PPDS ) and Master ( S2 ) and have the skills to be appointed as a Lecturer of the Department of Labor is concerned that underwent PPDS and Master ( S2 )3.3.4 Certificate of Education is willing to follow the Master Program ( S2 ) / Doctor of Education Program Specialist ( PPDS ) in accordance with formation as a lecturer for the Faculty of Medicine at 1.1 points for applicants who only have a diploma S1 ( profession ) General Practitioners3.4 . Personnel for the post that will be placed at the Hospital Education and work unit / Faculty open to D3 , S1 , S1 ( profession ) attach :3.4.1 . Transcript with GPA > / 2.753.4.2 . Evidence Accreditation Program of BAN - PT or the Ministry of Health ( for which diplomas are not listed accreditation , must attach a certificate accredited Studies Program / ​​Department / Department )

Photocopy of identity card of job seekers Manpower

Photocopy of identity card of job seekers Manpower ( AK1 ) 1 sheet legalized ;d . Original letter from the Government Doctors Health Information ;e . Black and white photograph for size 3 × 4 cm by 5 ( five ) pieces .f . Photocopy of National Identity Card for 1 sheet .g . Special office specialists whose age is more than 35 years and a maximum of 40 years , have a minimum tenure of 5 years and uninterrupted until 17 April 2002 the government / private institutions are legal entities , must attach a copy of the decision letter / proof of first appointment to the last legalized each 1 sheet .h . Special position nurses and midwives attach a copy of certificate of competency tests legalized 1 sheet

5 . Agricultural Market Analyst

5 . Agricultural Market AnalystAgribusiness S1 / 2 Socio-Economic Directorate of Domestic MarketingMarket analysts Agriculture Agribusiness S1 / 2 Socio-Economic Directorate of International Marketing6 . Agricultural Finance AnalystS1 Agribusiness / Agricultural Socioeconomic 1 Directorate of Agricultural Financing7 . Alsintan Development AnalystS1 1 Directorate of Technical Agriculture Farm Machines & Tools8 . Network Development Analyst 2 S1 Water Engineering Directorate of Irrigation Water Management9 . Institutional Development Analyst S1 Geography 1 Water Irrigation Water Management Directorate10 . Processing Analyst S1 Ranch Ranch 1 Directorate of Agricultural Product Processing11 . Master of Agriculture

State Personnel Board is the Indonesian government

State Personnel Board is the Indonesian government agencies that regulate and issue policies on staffing system , both private and public . Employees are workers who work in an agency or a company both inside and outside the country who are entitled to a fair wage . In Indonesia frequent gaps and injustices will wage or salary , there are several companies that within a specified period not to contribute to its employees . If there are people or groups who feel unfairly will be reported to the welfare of the BNP2TKI .

Fixed salary of at least Rp 3 million s / d 4 million

Fixed salary of at least Rp 3 million s / d 4 million
     Commission and Bonus
     There Allowance + Mobile Pulse
     Petrol allowance / day
     Total revenue of more than 10 million / month
     Vehicles and medical benefits.
     Closing date: October 6, 2013
     Placement: Jakarta

To find out more details about the job vacancy information Raspari Granitonusa PT, you can visit directly through the official sources below. Thank you for visiting.
Official sources

PPIC Supervisor (code PPIC)

PPIC Supervisor (code PPIC)

     Men / Women
     Maximum age 28 years.
     S1 Industrial Engineering or Accounting
     GPA min. 2.75
     Responsible and able to communicate well.
     Know and understand the ISO 22000: 2005, 5 S, GMP, HACCP, and Halal Assurance System
     Especially those who have a learning spirit high
     experienced in the same field at least 1 year
     Willing to be placed in Mojokerto Ngoro
     Familiar operate microsoft office (preferably able to operate SAP)

Agrobis corporate job sought

Agrobis corporate job

Bag. Administration and Secretary
Female Max 25 Years (Blm Nikah)
Interesting look
mastering compouter

Male Max 25 Years of Marketing (Blm Nikah)
Minimum of qualified high school
Experienced in Marketing And Medicinal Plants Fertilizer products.
have their own vehicle.

Terms: Copy of diploma Lastly, ID cards, CVs, Photo 1 sheet 2x3 or 3x4

Jump to transfer application;
Jl. MT Haryono commercial Dinoyo Istana Block D10
CV. MDS (Malolo Dalle Sejahtera of Malang).
Hub. 081081359173129


- Male or female, age 25 yr Max
- Pharmacy Vocational School Graduates - D3
- Fresh Graduate / Experienced
- Understand the basic principles of pharmacists
- Preferred domiciled in Jember

* salary in the MSE

Applications addressed to

Skin Erha Jember
Jl Trunojoyo 123 Jember
UP: Vivi SPV Non-Medical

or by email: mey2_gatzu@yahoo.com
with the subject: Vacancy AA

Application is received no later than: 14 September 2013